Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, Rex Gibson, Richard Andrews

The end scene is a WTF moment. I started reading Hamlet around Shakespeare's birthday in April. I was super into it at first then I just completely lost interest in the middle. It is a very long play. Having to force myself to finish, I am very thankful I did. Every time I read Shakespeare I am amazed at how many quotes from his plays have permeated into sayings in modern English. Hamlet is no different.


Hamlet is exactly how I envision princes to be, whiny and melodramatic with a little bit of sociopath mixed in. That being said, he is also everything I wanted him to be. I do not blame him for his actions. I would have done the same. Obviously that is what makes him such a great character. Not a fan of Ophelia. She is too much of an archetype. I did, however, find myself liking Queen Gertrude more and more as the play progressed.


Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time. But the English is very old. I was able to grasp the concepts of what was happening but I also had to use a version of cliff notes and google to actually understand all the particulars of the play. It made me almost missed my High School teacher's and University professor's explanations. Like most plays, it is better to watch than read.