Half Wild

Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy) - Sally Green

I read this book in less than 2 days (which also includes me having a life and going to work).


I loved every minute of it. And I'm not afraid to say it.
I am going to describe it as sort of a YA type for Stephen King fans. Sally Green really doesn't hold back and the plot is messy as real life. Not a story line that fits into a cute little box. The 'hero's journey' is not laid out plain as day for the reader but that's what intrigues me about the story. There is sort of a darkness quality to this book which is hard to explain. You have to read it to experience it. I know not everyone would appreciate it. Sometimes, while reading, I would stop and say ummm... what just happened here? I'm not really quite sure...but I can't stop reading. Which I find is that Stephen King like quality to it.


I was, however, confused by the first chapter. Like, what is this?!?... but I figured it out pretty quickly. I also had forgotten some of the lingo from the first book that the magical people use. Like the word Fain, which essentially a muggle or non witch/magic person.


It's the second novel in a trilogy and it's mostly a plot and a little bit of character building novel. I understand that because it's pretty much what the second novel in any trilogy is. I know a lot of reviews who were given an ARC gave it some bad reviews. But after all, I started to read Harry Potter before any of the movies came out and not many people really understood my attachment to them. People said "The book is not well written... blah blah blah...." So I guess my tastes are not for everyone.


To which I said - I don't care, I loved the book anyways.