An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green

WARNING... This book contains math equations with graphs and stuff... Which, of course, I simply just skipped over because I don't care about theorem, graphs or predicting outcomes which I know to be impossible because life doesn't fit into a math equation. And math is boring. Useful but boring... Okay, I'm done my rant.


There is a part of me that just soooo wishes I loved John Green's novels as much as everyone else. But, meh, I just sort of like him. That's all. And, if I was being honest, I liked Papertowns much better.


From reading his novels, you can tell John Green is smart and witty and well read but sometimes I feel like that over takes the story line a little too much. It is not that this story is 'uneventful' but nothing really major happens. It's almost like a reality TV episode. It's entertaining but you sometimes get bored and want to do other stuff instead.