The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) - Patrick Rothfuss

If this book is still in your TBR list and you've been just putting if off like I was, you need to pick it and you need to READ IT NOW! You will not regret it. I promise.


I feel mad love for this book. Like school girl mad love obsession. I was a little weary to pick it up at first because of all the hype but now, I totally get it. Everything I have ever wanted from a book.


I love Kvothe. I love the world. I love the story. I loved the mysteriousness of it all. I love the rest of the characters, except maybe Bast. He drove me a little nuts. Did I mention I love Kvothe?


As a rule, I do not re-read books except for a limited few. This book is definitely going into my re-read pile. I may download the audio book and listen to it in my car (I just realized that does kind of sounds crazy obsessive), so I will know how to pronounce their names. I have tried to listed to how people have pronounced Kvothe a million times but still not really sure I've got it.


Question is, do I wait to read the Wise Man's Fears or read it right away and start the long wait for the third book?