Big Magic

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - Elizabeth Gilbert

A creative living guide to life by following your happiness. This is definitely a self-help book. It was written for perfectionists and anxiety driven people like me and a reality check for everybody else on how to accomplish anything and everything in life. Yes, there is no earth shattering advise in this book. It is mostly common sense. Just basically all the good advise you have ever heard on becoming a productive creative person all in one book. It is about letting go of the excuses and moving beyond them.


Elizabeth Gilbert has a unique way of straight up telling you what you need to hear to move beyond all that chatter in your head about not being good enough. Her writing is so relatable it almost feels as if she is specifically talking to you.


If you are looking for motivation this is the book for you. If you need a kick in the pants to start a project that you've been dreaming off, then pick up this book. Great to read on those dumpy days or if you have every felt in a slump and not living your life to the fullest. It is going to be one of those books where I can just pick it up and read a chapter here for motivation.


I love her TED talks on creativity and watch it frequently as well. My favorite linked below.