Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith

This book is sheer ridiculousness. If you are a die hard true loyal Jane Austen fan, you will not like this book. If you're people like me on the other hand, who don't really relate that much to Pride and Prejudice, you should pick it up. No, it is not a great work of fiction but it's super fun.


I did notice that everyone in this book is described as handsome, especially the ladies. They are not pretty but they are handsome. That was something that annoyed me in the real Pride and Prejudice but I found it quite comically here. I still hated all the characters except Mr. Darcy. In fact, I think I hated most of the characters even more in this version.

The Bennet's were supposed to have been trained by Shaolin Monks but there is nothing Buddhist in the way that Elizabeth Bennet is portrayed. She has very violent thoughts. The book as a whole is very violent in nature. I guess if they are fighting Zombies then you might have to be but they don't really fight Zombies very often.


It's a 3.5 Star book. It's a nice fun read. Now I need to see the movie.