Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I and II (English)(Hardcover) - John Tiffany & J K Rowling Jack Thorne

I have been putting off trying to rate this book/play because I have just so many mixed emotions. I am just not sure how to rate it.

I first cracked it open the night of the release party at midnight. (Yes, I went to the midnight release party and no, it was not my first HP midnight release party.) It was a feeling of 'ah, I have missed you, old friend'. I was so excited to have a new HP book in my hands. I had already bought tickets to see the play.

But I got about a third of the way through and I lost my will to read anymore. I thought I had figured things out. And then the book sat on my nightstand for months. Until one day my friend asked me what I thought of the book/play and I said I had stopped reading. I told her my theory and she laughed. Told me I was completely wrong. So, I picked up the book again and started from the beginning... And I was wrong, totally wrong.

It differs from Harry Potter because I feel like Albus is an asshole. I just did not feel the same connection or was invested in him as I was with Harry. He is not a very sympathetic character, especially in the first part. which was a little disappointing to me. At times, I thought Harry was not really Harry either.

I did enjoy the story, over all. I think that there is so only so much you can do with a play and it will never compare to the book series. I am very excited to see the play even though I have to wait until 2017. I hope it translates better on stage. I will keep you posted.