Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

This book is definitely worth your read if the future or even life in general interest you. It combines so many genres with elements of dystopian futures, technology/ video games, the 80s retro and a little bit of a Star Wars/ Star Trek feel mixed in to it.


I have not yet been able to fully process it. My mind is still kind of reeling from all the information. This book has so many 80s references in it that Cyndi Lauper should have written a blurb for it. I knew a fair amount of 80s trivia but I still needed to google different references.


But, this book was so weird yet so on point. The world or the universe that this book is set in is so close to exactly how I envision the future that it kind of scares me. Maybe not as close as 2044 but somewhere near that time period. It seems so cool and intriguing yet so dreadful.


It is not perfect, there are so parts that are so descriptive, maybe too descriptive, that it ends up being a little boring, especially in part two. I listened to the audiobook so I could not really skip through those parts. It was a little predictable, I mean I had figured out the outcome but I could not figure out how it was going to get there. Some parts seemed too fitting yet other parts threw me for a loop. it was more of a 4.5 star. Definitely cannot wait to see the movie.